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what is content management

What is Content Management?

Content Management  or CMS is just a fancy name for an administration tool that allows you to manage and edit the content of your website yourself.

What does having a CMS mean to your business?

  • You don’t need to know HTML or use a web developer to edit the content of your website
  • There is no special software required – it all runs online from your website in a standard web browser
  • You don’t need to pay any additional fees for simple changes to your website content
  • Your website content is updated regularly, which means it has fresh content for site visitors will rank better in the search engines, such as Google

What does a CMS allow you to do yourself?

  • Edit all of the content on all of the pages of your website
  • Add new pages wherever you need them
  • Upload and insert images
  • Format content with an Micrsosoft Word style editor

content management from emcom web site design

Easy to Use Content Management

With our online content management   building tool you can create your website and manage the content in an easy step by step process. Then, just with one click your site is published live on the Internet.

You dont need to install any additional software on your PC. All you need is a standard web browser, a connection to the Internet and you have access to it from anywhere, at any time. Or if you prefer, you can utilise our support services to make the changes for you

All emcom Internet websites come with their own integrated Content Management System, and our  CMS solution includes our Business Account web-hosting packages and is great for both novice users and busy professionals alike.

If it still sounds difficult…

You can if you wish, use emcom’s support services to help you out or even make the changes for you!

Content Management Training

We also include full training with all of our Content Management web sites we publish for our clients.