Our Approach to Web Site Design Projects

web site design approach

emcom specialises in web site design, the Internet and technology to help small and medium sized businesses operate more competitively and more efficiently.

We provide web site design services that create, manage and maintain your Web site. Whether you are introducing your business to the online world, or you wish to build a fully featured ecommerce online store, these services help you get up and running quickly, efficiently and professionally.

web site design processes
Whilst every web project has its own set of needs, challenges, and requirements, there are basic considerations and milestones that all projects share.
For this reason, we carefully consider what those goals are in terms of an internet presence. emcom’s commitment is to produce innovative web sites customised to your needs, and your clients needs. We accomplish this by delivering each project in a four stage approach: Investigation, Design, Development and Deployment.

  Web Site Design Investigation

Our first step is to listen to you – our client and review your content to plan how your site should be laid out. This forms the foundations of our web site design work.

From there we can plan your internet presence taking into account your your long-term needs and goals. We make sure we understand your requirements so there is no miscommunication and everyone involved in the project knows exactly what needs to be done to make the site a success. Once we understand your business and agree on the requirements for your internet presence, we jointly develop the content, structure and functionality of your web site. This ensures that we develop a solution that has a positive impact on your business. Another major part of what we do is education. We work with our clients to make sure they understand what their site will accomplish, how it works, and why it works. We invite our clients to ask questions and we do our best to explain to them exactly what they want to know.

  WebSite Design Process

We wish to establish your company’s identity during the design process. We can take existing logos, graphics, brochures or whatever you have, and design your site with this corporate identity or we can a new design a new identity for you with our graphics designers. The design and flow of a site is a very important part of our web design process. The look of a site must reflect your business. It also affects the site’s functionality and efficiency. This stage guides the development team through the visual, structural, and technical design of the site. At the end of this stage all of the tools needed for information access, security, site monitoring, content management, and issue tracking will have been designed.


This is where we bring it all together and make it happen. We take all the defined elements from Investigation and Design to construct your project in its specified environment. While your web is under development it can be reviewed and tested by you in detail on one of our test sites connected to the Internet. At the end of this stage all systems will be in place and the site ready to be launched.


At the end of the website development process, all systems will be in place and the site ready to be launched.

now what

What do I do now? How do I get my web site design project started?

Contact emcom website design by sending an email, or call us on 01698 358796 to arrange an appointment to discuss your requirements.